What is a Great Partnership?

June 30th, 2014 by Andy

DSCF3414I am interested in partnership in marriage. I wondered this week about how people create partnership in other areas of life, such as in work and in sports. I did some searching on the Internet this week to see how people in different professional arenas might answer the question: What is a great partnership?

Is partnership in marriage any different than great partnership in, say, a doubles tennis match, a business enterprise, a law firm or a beach volleyball game?  What are experts in these fields saying about what makes a great partnership?

Here is what I found:

Advice on Being Great Partners in Doubles Tennis

  • Say things to your partner that will lighten the mood and bolster their energy
  • Be constructive, upbeat and optimistic; avoid being negative
  • Gauge and understand your partner’s emotions and body language
  • Don’t blame your partner when your game is not working
  • Know what your partner needs
  • Be flexible and willing to change
  • Don’t take things personally

Advice on Being Great Partners in Business

  • Create and share a vision
  • Make sure your partner’s needs and expectations are addressed
  • Identify and utilize the strengths of each partner; support your partner’s limitations
  • Handle disagreements, disappointments and frustrations early and often
  • Define job roles for each partner, including accountability
  • Have conversations with your partner often and work out differences.
  • Align on goals and ambitions
  • It’s okay to disagree and respect each other’s opinions and ideas

Advice on Being Great Partners in a Law Firm

  •  Set direction and be decisive
  • Take an authentic interest in your partner; actively listen to your partner
  • Be collaborative with each other and build consensus
  • Match abilities to challenges
  • Have a positive mental attitude and celebrate successes
  • Be honest with each other
  • Take on innovation and change
  • Be fearless in taking on challenges

Advice on Being Great Partners in Beach Volleyball

  • Practice a lot!
  • Support each other is being the best players you can be
  • Work on having great chemistry
  • Good communication is a must

Advice on Being Great Partners in Marriage

  • All of the above

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